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Oxy-hydrogen Carbon Cleaning System!

Although it is found in abundance in the universe, the hydrogen is a gas that is usually combined with other atoms: one such is found in water, oil or natural gas. The hydrogen is considered an energy carrier. It is used primarily in the chemical, refining or industry.But at a time of environmental concerns, the hydrogen could eventually play a leading role in the future energy landscape. The hydrogen has a very high specific energy density, that is to say it contains a lot of energy in a small mass.

The power of the hydrogen engine service

The alternative before replacing parts fouled

a descaling preventative you will initially be regenerated, the décalaminez parts parts to avoid their replacements and save on the exchange of a turbo (between 1 100 and 2 500 €), a catalyst (between 500 and € 1,600), an FAP (between 500 and € 1,600), or an EGR valve (between 300 and 400 €) which are very expensive operations.


The power descaling Clean the Motor station is remarkable. Thanks to several years’ development and advanced technology, the hydrogen blown into the ducts intake to burn and eliminate up to 75% on average blackish oxidation deposits (scale) existing, which prevent the engine of your vehicle run correctly.