Carbon Hydrogen cleaning of Turbocharger

cleaned turboWant to prolong the life of the turbo?

Why turbo gets dirty?

Turbochargers are used to increase the efficiency and performance of engines, diesel and petrol too. By using the exhaust gas spin the turbocharger, it compresses more air into the combustion chamber of internal combustion engines and creates more power and accordingly, the dynamic performance of the car is increased. Additional air with proportionally more fuel creates more torque and power.

However, with the mileage of the car, some sensors starts to measure wrong values and then air-fuel mixture gets too rich, dirty or old fuel injectors makes unburned fuel mixture in the cylinders, low fuel quality or oil consumption causes serious carbon formations on turbocharger and its geometry . This leads to negative pressure on the turbocharger and its causes rapid wear. When this problem occurs it can lead to loss of performance and power, which lead to repair or replace the turbocharger.

How to clean the turbo without dismantling?

turbo cleanerWith our Carbon cleaning machine, you have the opportunity to clean Turbocharger without even removing it from the vehicle. When hydrogen cleaning procedure is made for about 30 minutes, practically we remove all carbon deposits from the turbo and thus prolong his life and prevent wearing. With the passage of a large amount of oxy-hydrogen through the engine and turbo, temperature is increased and as a resulting in all scales and deposits of carbon will be sublimated (vaporized) and will come out through the exhaust system. Quickly, easily and without disassembling!


clogged turbocharger

Hydrogen cleaning procedure is recommended in every 15,000 km.  to keep your engine clean inside!

If your vehicle requires professional intervention for cleaning turbocharger, there is no better alternative!

Carbon cleaning
The advantages are: Without disassembly! Our mobile services save time and money, as we come to you! Carbon cleaning procedure takes only 30 min!