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Carbon cleaning of petrol injectors

How to prevent clogging of the injectors? Effective solution: Carbon cleaning.

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Dirty petrol injector

The petrol injector is a component of the engine, which is located at the entrance of the cylinder. It injects fuel. The injector is an expensive instrument that rarely breaks. However, the injector clogges. When the injector is clogged, it forms carbon deposits that reduce the flow of fuel  and stops spreading it properly. The shape and density of the injection affects engine performance. Bad shape injection is jet injection, that can cause problems when idling, and not only creates holes in acceleration, but leads to lack of power. The most common cause of blockage of the injectors are carbon deposits and resin. In combination with high temperatures it causes more complete layering and clogging them. The effect of blockage might increase if used low-quality fuel. The main solution is to use high quality fuel. It has better and cleaner additives to help maintain engine components, including gasoline pump.

Does the hydrogen clean the injectors?

There are many ways to clean or replace fuel injectors for a different prices. The most expensive option is to replace them with new ones. The cost to replace the injectors varies considerably and will obviously depend on how many injector your engine has. Moderately expensive alternative is to remove the injectors and manually clean them, which requires great skills and time. Not all injectors can be dismantled so easily. They are delicate and could be damaged.

The easier alternative - Carbon Cleaning
The easier alternative is the hydrogen cleaning – without disassembly or expensive supplements. Cleaning with hydrogen takes 30 minutes and costs considerably less in comparison to the replacement of new injectors.