The cleaning of Lambda / О2 sensors

The role of the Lambda Oxygen sensor

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Lambda sensor (or oxygen sensor) is located in the exhaust system upstream of the catalytic converter.The Oxygen sensor informs the computer (ECU) of the engine about the oxygen content in the exhaust gases. Based on this, the computer determines the amount of injected fuel by the injectors into the cylinders so that the air-fuel ratio is perfect or exactly 14.7 of air to 1 part of fuel. Control of the Lambda guarantees fuel economy and reduces emissions. The new pollution standards require a second lambda probe placed after the catalyst to determine its effectiveness. After a certain mileage the probe is polluted. Usually after about 100-150 thousand mileage the Lambda probe should be replaced, because it begins to measure incorrect values. Changing it would cost between 100 and 200 euro for 1 piece, but in some vehicles there are 2 or 4 pieces.

How to extend the life of the lambda Lambda Oxygen sensor?

Proper operation of all sensors in the car will extend the life of the Oxygen sensor. For example, if the flow-meter has a problem or is contaminated by low-quality air filter, then it cannot determine the received real air to the engine. Thus it causes injecting more or less fuel. In the case where the mixture is too rich, the Lambda probe is polluted and shows deviations. In the worst case, you can see a light on the dashboard “Check Engine”.

замърсена ламбда сонда

City driving or poor quality fuels also cause damage to the probe.
To extend the life of the probe, we recommend flushing the engine with oxy-hydrogen in every 15,000 kilometers. Carbon Cleaning costs less than replacing the Lambda sensor, besides hydrogen cleaning is not just about the Lambda probe. The procedure cleans other components such as engine valves, EGR valve, turbo and its geometry, catalyst or DPF filter.

The most expensive option is to replace Lambda Oxygen sensor with a new original one. The price varies from 150 to 300 Euro.


Carbon cleaning
Hydrogen Carbon cleaning is recommended before attempting to replace the Lambda probe. To extend the life of the Lambda probe, we recommend cleaning the engine and accordingly the probe with Carbon cleaner approximately every 15,000 kilometers. . Furthermore, Carbon cleaning is not just about the Lambda probe, because with one procedure we clean other components such as valves, EGR valve, Turbo and its geometry, catalyst or DPF filter.