Cleaning the EGR valve

How to prevent replacing the EGR valve? Effective solution with Motor Clean’s Carbon Cleaning System!

Why EGR valve is getting clogged?

What is EGR valve?


EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is designed to recirculate part of the burned gases through secondary combustion to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides. Through the principle of Recirculation, EGR valve generates deposition of particles by itself. These accumulated deposits turn into black layer of scaling and scales of soot, which can lead to various failures and engine problems.

Most expensive operation is proceeding to replace the ERG valve with a new one, as the price varies between 150 and 500 euro

A more inexpensive option is to remove physical and software.

Does the ERG need removal?egr-valve

The normal operation of the EGR valve allows faster heating of the engine in cold weather, because the exhaust gas flowing into the motor is at a higher temperature. Improper treatment of the ERG leads to a decrease in power output. In case we decide to remove the EGR, we must adjust the software in the car computer. The computer calculates the flow of air entering the engine. When the ERG reports values outside the the light on the dashboard goes on and the vehicle enters emergency mode. The problem can be solved with an expensive software intervention. As for the EGR valve, dirt and debris can be avoided and it can continue to function properly with the help of Carbon cleaning procedure.

How to clean the EGR valve?
The cheapest procedure to clean the EGR valve without disassembly is to make hydrogen engine cleaning procedure with Carbon cleaning machine. Procedures can be done preventively every 15,000 km. or approximately 10000 miles. It takes only 30 minutes.