Engine Carbon Cleaning with hydrogen carbon cleaning machine will make your engine performance almost equal to a new engine.

Spark plugs

Carbon cleaning for spark plugs Why spark plugs get dirty?

Lambda oxygen sensor

The cleaning of Lambda / О2 sensors. How to extend the life of the lambda Lambda Oxygen sensor?

Catalytic converter

Cleaning catalytic converter How to avoid changing or removing the catalytic converter? Why does the catalytic converter clogs?

Petrol injectors

The cleaning of petrol injectors. How to prevent clogging of the injectors? Effective solution: Carbon cleaning.

Diesel nozzles

Why Carbon cleaning is a must for diesel nozzle? When diesel nozzles get clogged or dirty the engine begins to suffer

Engine pistons and piston rings

Hydrogen clean the pistons and piston rings Why pistons contaminated by carbon deposits?

Diesel Particulate Filter DPF / FAP

Cleaning of the Diesel Particulate Filter – DPF / FAP How to prevent clogging of the particulate filter? The most effective solution with Motor Clean! Why particulate filter clogs?

EGR valve

Cleaning the EGR valve How to prevent replacing the EGR valve? Effective solution with Carbon cleaner Why EGR valve is getting clogged?

Engine valves

Carbon cleaning for engine valves Why valves accumulate carbon deposits?


Carbon Hydrogen cleaning of Turbocharger Want to prolong the life of the turbo?