The alternative before replacing expensive parts!

Carbon cleaning your engine will prevent replacement of parts such as turbo compressor (cost approx. 1000-2500 GBP), catalytic converter (cost approx. 500-1600 GBP) and DPF/FAP filter (cost approx. 500-1800 GBP) or EGR valve (cost approx. 300 – 800 GBP), which are very expensive parts of your vehicle. Even removing DPF/FAP filter or catalyst is also a serious expense – between 300-700 GBP. The lack of these components in the engine lead to suffocation engine for various reasons, such as mostly city driving, poor fuel quality, speed restrictions or total mileage of the vehicle.

Before replacing parts you can decarbonize your engine and save huge expenses for maintenance.


  • Removes scale from all types of engines.
  • Recovers engine performance and fuel consumption back to original.
  • Prevents wearing and avoid fouling expensive parts (EGR valve, FAP, injectors, valves…)
  • Reduce emissions of exhaust fumes.
  • Prolongs the engine life.