Motor Clean is the brand name of HYDROXEN which is manufacturer and distributor of Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines in the UK & Europe. Due to high demand we are actively seeking agents across the UK & Europe. We have created an International brand with the name of MOTOR CLEAN – Engine Carbon Cleaning System.

Motor Clean is offering potential partners to become our franchisees in the UK, Europe and rest of the world. Each franchisee will have his own area and work will be passed on from the main website.


We are selling to automotive garages and diagnostic centers to give them the ability to expand their range of services. Our carbon cleaning machine is the best professional machine that produces more hydrogen than any other carbon cleaning machine in the world. We have all the relevant industry certifications and patents that make us best hydrogen carbon cleaning system manufacturer. In addition, our machine can also be mounted in a van to use it as a mobile carbon cleaning unit. Mobile carbon cleaning units can be a good addition to increase sales since many corporate customers such as logistic companies or commercial fleet management companies may prefer to do this service at their premises. Therefore mobile units will certainly add value to your business.

As a franchisee you will get the following benefits:

  • FREE training course: This isn’t a quick demo of our machine. This is a professionally developed training course with certification on completion. We don’t just teach you how to use this Carbon cleaning machine but how to sell engine carbon cleaning as a product, the potential market and how to target them and much more. You will be trained to a high standard to ensure that you are fully comfortable with the equipment and the process of the Engine carbon cleaning machine.
  • Technical and commercial support: We are flexible in our working hours and offer a weekend support as well.
  • Promotion:Inquiries from your catchment area forwarded to you from the main website.
  • Backing of being part of a recognized international brand: Motor Clean Carbon Cleaning System is an international brand and all franchisees will get benefits of being part of a recognized international brand.
  • Transparent pricing and contract: No hidden extras or unfair contracts.
  • Option to expand into our Remapping network: Offer a duel service “Remap  & Regain Service”.

You will become the end operator and we will supply the rest!

Our franchisees need to have the following:

  • Positive, professional & polite customer service skills – To be the face of our brand.
  • Phone line either mobile or landline will be fine.
  • Public Liability Insurance – In most cases cost less than £400.00 per year. We cover who you could use in training.

About our Engine carbon cleaning machine:

Our machine uses the latest technology and proven method of carbon cleaning. Below you will see the benefits of using our Hydrogen carbon cleaning machine vs other machines using traditional fuel pump methods:

  • Cleans carbon effectively
  • Simple to use, no messing about with your customers fuel lines – (No risk)
  • You only need to buy one machine that works on petrol engines and diesel engines.
  • Running costs are almost FREE as our tool produces Hydrogen from water. Where on other branded machines you need to buy treatment bottles for each car.
  • No money tied up in stock. Other machine owners need to keep stock of petrol & diesel treatments.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. No harsh chemicals – No risk of spilling treatment onto cars paintwork / customers driveway.
  • The vehicle doesn’t need to be rev’s at high RPM’s during the service – Problematic for garages in residential areas.
  • Works on direct injection engine, petrol, diesel and carburetor vehicles. Works on bikes, cars & vans.

Our carbon cleaning machine is so simple to use:

  1. Switch on vehicle and ensure it’s at operating temperature.
  2. Simply connect our Carbon cleaning machine to the vehicles air intake pipe.
  3. Switch on your Carbon cleaning machine.
  4. Open valve to feed the hydrogen to the car.
  5. After 30 minutes switch off the Carbon cleaning machine and remove hose.
  6. Fit back air intake pipe.

You could offer this service at your garage, MOT station or offer a mobile service from your van.


Most installers are currently averaging 5 cleans a day. The set retail price for a clean is £99.99. The clean takes 30 minutes in most cases.

This totals to a turnover of £500 a day!

£2,500 if working 5 days a week.

£10,000 a month.

£110,000 if working 11 months a year. That’s 1 month off work!

And remember because our machine pretty much has no running costs meaning most of that £99,000 will be gross profit after paying 5% royalty fee and 5% local and global marketing contribution.


You are not buying just a machine, your buying into a rapidity expanding business. Our team will be available to help, assist and promote your business as the face of carbon cleaning in your area. We offer a FREE training course with certification on completion. With low startup costs and the ability to offer carbon cleaning service to 99% of the cars on the road there’s never been a better time to get into this market.

Want more information about becoming part of the network? Register your interest by sending us your: Contact number and what area you are based or call us on +442036776237 or email us at

Secure your area as the go to place for carbon cleaning.

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