Can you imagine that some parts in your car look like this?


Spark plugs

Carbon cleaning for spark plugs Why spark plugs get dirty?

Lambda oxygen sensor

The cleaning of Lambda / О2 sensors. How to extend the life of the lambda Lambda Oxygen sensor?

Catalytic converter

Cleaning catalytic converter How to avoid changing or removing the catalytic converter? Why does the catalytic converter clogs?

Petrol injectors

The cleaning of petrol injectors. How to prevent clogging of the injectors? Effective solution: Carbon cleaning.

Diesel nozzles

Why Carbon cleaning is a must for diesel nozzle? When diesel nozzles get clogged or dirty the engine begins to suffer

Engine pistons and piston rings

Hydrogen clean the pistons and piston rings Why pistons contaminated by carbon deposits?

Diesel Particulate Filter DPF / FAP

Cleaning of the Diesel Particulate Filter – DPF / FAP How to prevent clogging of the particulate filter? The most effective solution with Motor Clean! Why particulate filter clogs?

EGR valve

Cleaning the EGR valve How to prevent replacing the EGR valve? Effective solution with Carbon cleaner Why EGR valve is getting clogged?

Engine valves

Carbon cleaning for engine valves Why valves accumulate carbon deposits?


Carbon Hydrogen cleaning of Turbocharger Want to prolong the life of the turbo?

Yes, there is no way to know that they are in a similar situation – contaminated and with much accumulated carbon deposits in them!! And the worst is that there is no “sensor for carbon deposits” in your engine!

This in turn becomes a problem only when the car starts to lose its dynamic performance or at least notice the signal on the dashboard “Check Engine” and your vehicle comes into emergency mode.This condition occurs because of many different reasons, but the question is how to deal with the problem or how to prevent it ?



This 100 % environmentally friendly system does not use any chemical products and considerably reduces the emission of harmful gases produces through the combustion of fuel.

In addition to contributing to the safeguarding of our planet, you will also make great savings since it has been proven that consumption is 10% greater in equipment with a build-up of scale.

An investment that will quickly pay off, thanks to the savings you will make on fuel!

It is also the ideal solution if you want to prolong the life of your equipment

What do we get when we make Carbon cleaning procedure?

  • Removes soot, scales and deposits in all type of engines
  • Restores fuel consumption and engine power back to original
  • Eliminate soot and scale of expensive parts like turbo, EGR valve, DPF/FAP, injectors, disel nozzles, valves etc.
  • Increased dynamic parameters when accelerating
  • Reduces engine noise
  • Drastically reduced emissions
  • Facilitates the passage of Annual Technical Inspection in terms of the level of pollutant emissions
  • Extends engine life




A vehicle burns only 75% of fuel and thus: the motor becomes dirty, loses power, and consume more.

You can bring the solution to all your customers!


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  3. I am facing high fuel consumption and acceleration problem in my Honda City 2010 model. When I turn on AC its pick badly fails and even sometime I cannot even climb on the bridge especially when AC is on. I went to mechanic and he suggested to get clean the Catalytic Converter at cost Rs. 4500/-. Then I saw Catalytic Converter Automatic Cleaning within 10 to 15 minutes at Rs. 3000/- on Facebook video by MotorClean Lahore. Should I get it (Catalytic Converter) clean manually by Mechanic in Four Hours or Automatic in 15 Minutes by MotorClean services ? Which service is more efficient, reliable and satisfactory Manual or Automatic ?

    I am a little bit confuse.

    1. Dear Atif, according to your situation, we recommend carbon clean and catalytic converter cleaning to completely clean your engine and catalytic converter. you should take appointment at our Lahore office and get it done. You will surely feel the difference after both are done by our experts at our center. Also you can check the reviews of our customers on our facebook page. We are positive that you will be much satisfied. thank you.

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